You’ll find plenty of outdoor adventures in Cocos with an incredible selection of year round activities.
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Outdoor Activities

The Cocos Islands offer visitors year-round swimming and diving, good surfing, excellent snorkelling, fishing, warm tropical waters, great windsurfing and kite boarding in the trade wind months and a wonderful balmy tropical climate all year.


A must do activity while on Cocos is to experience the numerous diving options available with “Cocos Dive”, who guarantee uncrowded, crystal clear unpolluted waters, exploring the multitude and variety of many dive sights.

Please note bookings are essential. Dieter will be happy to discuss and assist your Cocos Islands diving opportunities.


The clear turquoise waters and the grand range and diversity of species in and outside of the lagoon make Cocos a fishing paradise.

Few places in the world offer bonefish fly-fishing of the quality you will find on Cocos. The exhilaration of catching bonefish is an experience not to be missed, and one that will keep you coming back for more. From October to February is the best time to go bonefishing. Head out into the lagoon’s crystal clear and calm waters and enjoy an exciting day out bonefishing. Don’t forget to inform yourself about the lagoons tides to ensure the best conditions for a perfect catch.


The Cocos Keeling Islands are growing a great reputation as an ideal location for kite surfers and windsurfers alike who are looking for small crowds, lots of space and perfect conditions. The waist deep, warm, flat crystal clear-blue waters offer the perfect conditions for beginners that want to learn kitesurfing in a safe environment. Experienced riders will love the flat and spacious conditions to practice new tricks and to explore the lagoon during long down winders. Make sure to look down once in a while when kiting across the lagoon and you will spot schools of fish, turtles, and black-tip reef sharks.


Snorkelling while on Cocos is a definite must. It’s great for all ages, and offers shallow and protected conditions. The islands offer numerous snorkelling spots that cater to all experience levels. Whether this is your first time snorkelling or you have already snorkelled the waters of the world, there are plenty of options around that will amaze you.


Whilst the Cocos Islands’ lagoon is known as a great kitesurfing destination, the ocean side offers fun waves to surf. There are plenty of local die-hard surfers, although with such a small population the surf break rarely feels crowded.

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